Yoga For Taxi Drivers Well-Being

Yoga For Taxi Drivers Well-Being

New York, NY

Oct’9th 2017

Hatha Yoga teachers at Yoga Nebula Inc. Yoga Nebula are focused on bringing powerful methods of classical Hatha yoga to New York City and New Jersey.

Yoga Nebula submitted a proposal to New York Taxi & Limousine services in reference to the health and well being of the New York taxi drivers. While working and commuting within New York, we have noticed how, many taxi drivers are struggling with fatigue, tiredness, and sometimes lack of alertness. Speaking to them about their work schedule we realized that many of them spend 12 hours per day or 72 hours per week behind the wheel of a car. Anyone sitting in a fixed position for long periods of time will experience fatigue, low energy levels, muscle stiffness and pain. To address these issue we propose to offer classical Hatha Yoga workshops that will easily fit into their schedule.

The specific practice that we propose to offer is referred to as Upa-yoga, which brings alertness, improves energy levels and reduces joint stiffness in the human body. Additionally, the Upa-Yoga practice can be done at any location and at any time of the day, which provides great flexibility to each individual seeking its benefits. Many yoga practices require an empty stomach and a yoga mat, however such is not required with Upa-yoga.

We are certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher by the Isha Hatha Yoga School, in Coimbatore, India under the guidance of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Sadhguru is world-renowned yogi, mystic, visionary, and prominent thought leader. Regarded as a leading expert on the science of Yoga, Sadhguru was invited on the International day of Yoga (June 20, 2016) as the lead speaker at the United Nations New York headquarters to address UN officials, ambassadors and world leaders on how the unique features of yoga can play a central role in the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). His astute and incisive grasp of current issues and world affairs, as well as his scientific approach to the question of human well-being have led him to be invited regularly as a guest speaker at prominent international leadership forums including the World Economic Forum, TED as well as leading educational institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, and Wharton.

We believe we are well qualified to offer such workshops as have trained as a hatha yoga teacher for over 1750 hours in India (6 months full time training) while the average yoga teacher has completed only 200-300 hours of training. Additionally, since the training, we have gained significant experience in conducting such workshops by regularly teaching every month in New York and New Jersey. Many people enjoy the physical and mental health benefits from such yogic practices. Testimonials regarding people experience and benefits from our workshops can be viewed on our website at

Yoga is a technology of well-being & this technology can be enjoyed by anyone. We truly feel that a practice like Upa-Yoga will enhance the day-to-day lives of Taxi drivers by providing them a tool to combat the effects of long driving hours. We are confident that 15-20 minutes of daily Upa-Yoga practice will allow New York taxi drivers to experience health-benefits as well as an overall sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

We look forward to adding this new wealth in the lives of NYC Taxi drivers.


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